choosing countertops


Does your kitchen need a face-lift? New countertops might be the perfect way to update your space without a full reno. There are so many countertop choices available now, here’s some help in deciding which one is right for you.

Your Look
Browse online and in magazines to figure out what look you are going for. Do you like the clean classic look of marble? The rustic and industrial look of concrete? The high-contrast look of a simple black granite on white cabinets? Once you have a vision, check out local big-box retailers, or better yet, a countertop specialist to start narrowing your choices down. Many will even let you bring a sample home to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your space.

Say you love the look of marble, but you have three kids and a love of food coloring. Never fear! Alternatives are here! Keep in mind that granite is a porous natural material, so it can absorb stains, especially the lighter colored options. Quartz is quickly becoming the countertop of choice for its near indestructibly and now huge variety. There are great looking (and budget-friendly) laminate options out there too.

Be Adventurous 
Although the most popular material out there is granite, do you really want to be like everyone else? Be adventurous and look into some interesting counters. Materials like: Concrete Butcher BlockStainless Steel and Soapstone are great options that will make your kitchen anything but blah.

In the end, choose what you love and will want to look at every day. Know that there are many alternatives to expensive materials. Try something different and fun! 

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