easy appetizers!

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The weather is getting crisp and the holidays are knocking on the door. Whether you are hosting or a guest, having a cache of easy appetizers on hand is always a great idea. Wow you guests and lock down that invitation to the next party with these amazing recipes!

Pull it apart
Why not have a sweet appetizer? Why not have it be pull apart breads? There's no reason not to. This recipe is for a pumpkin cheesecake monkey bread, and this is for a pumpkin spice pull apart loaf. YUM!

Re-do a classic
There is nothing wrong with the classics when it comes to the holidays and appetizers...but with a twist. Try these pigs-in-a-pretzel, or maple Chex Mix that you can make in a crockpot!   

Skewer it
Whats easier than putting a bunch of food on a stick? Not much, and this anitpasto skewer looks divine and super easy. 

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