all about area rugs


Ohhh rugs. They can completely pull a room together or completely date it. Is it time for you to spruce up your rug game? If so, we have some ideas and pointers for you!

Choosing the right size
Too big? Too small? These are the questions you need to have for each room you plan to put a rug in. There are actually many sizes to choose for rooms, depending on how you want your furniture set up. Check out this guide here for great help!  It's not rocket science....just rug science...

Try Layering
Layering rugs is a trend that has been around for a long time, but it ebbs and flows like all trendy things. What we love to do is find a rug that is inexpensive and has texture, like a jute rug. Then pair it with smaller, usually higher-end, patterned rug for a fun look. Another idea is to mix patterns and colors! Give it a try! 

Where do I even get a rug?
Some of our favorite easy places to shop include; Target (the holy grail), At Home (great for those inexpensive natural fiber rugs!), and Wayfair (they got just what you need). Target often puts their rugs on clearance about 2 months after they roll out a new look. We've gotten some crazy steals on rugs there!

Neutral vs Color
Honestly, why not both? With layering, you can really play with all sorts of ideas! Can you tell we are a fan?