get your grill on

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Has the mundane act of grilling burgers getting you down? Do you feel tired at the thought of cooking another hotdog? Lets get excited about grilling again. The weather is right and our stomachs are ready. 

Different Meats
Everyone has had a burger and hotdog, but what about a pork chopFlank steak wrapped veggies!? A whole pork tenderloin on the grill! 

Don't Forget Your Veggies
There are endless possibilities to the veggies you can grill. From tomatoesmushroom skewers, to cauliflower steaks. And a twist on a summer classic: grilled Mexican street corn!

Don't Be Afraid to Be Different
Have you ever heard of grilled nachos? Well us either. TRY THEM!!! Other great, and odd, grilled options could be pizza, peaches, watermelon. And for dessert - grilled donuts

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