spring flower arrangements!

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Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming! Let's make them beautiful. All of these arrangements are great for any or no occasion.  

What's your favorite color? Get all of the flowers you can find in that one shade and make a great arrangement!  

One Flower to Rule Them All
There is something to be said about the simplicity and beauty of having a nice bunch of the same flower. Something like hydrangeas, tulips, or even dogwood branches create such a wonderful look.  

Remember, Tape is Your Best Friend
To get that great arrangement look, use tape in a grid pattern to keep flowers upright, separate, and perfect!

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indoor plant love

Whether you have a black thumb or the greenest thumb of all, anyone can enjoy indoor plants. Here we have put together a few tips and ideas about plants your skills can handle! 

Only the most trendy plant type of them all, it is true that succulents are very difficult to kill. And with so many varieties to choose from, everyone can find a type that they love! Here is a great guide on taking care of succulents. 

Snake Plant
For those who want a larger plant, but just as easy to take care of, I introduce the Snake Plant. It is on every list of hard-to-kill indoor plants and for good reason! This pretty plant looks good in every room and needs just a little light and water. For other hard-to-kill plants, here is a great list.  

Probably known as the scariest and hardest plant to keep alive, I am here to bust that stereotype! Orchids have a way of staying alive and surprising you with new buds. All they really need is a few ice cubes once a week! They are beautiful and add sophistication to any room. Here is a guide to keep yours happy! 

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easy spring flower arrangements


Making beautiful flower arrangements can seem intimidating and expensive, but it doesn't have to be! We have laid out simple idea of how to make any grocery store flowers look amazing - with time to practice before Mother’s Day on May 14th.

Flowers That Are Friends
Choose two or three types of flowers that really compliment one another. Like:
-Hydrangias and roses
-Sunflowers and wax flowers
-Ranunculus and dianthus (those green puffy balls)

Monochrome Colors 
One way to look super contemporary is to choose multiple types of flowers that are all the same color, or very close. Do an entire white arrangement for a clean look, a nice pink for a warm arrangement or a fun bright orange for guaranteed smiles.

Separate Groups
Whether you choose to have all one color or a variety of flowers, making multiple small arrangements in different vases makes a really fun and eclectic look. Just make sure you keep the number of vases odd (3, 5, or 7!) 

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