deck your walls


Nothing screams DIY project like a big empty wall. Or maybe you have a special piece of art or family photo that you keep meaning to find a good place for. Either way, I hope some of these tips help you finally get your wall art project checked off your list.

Get the height right
If you only remember one thing from any newsletter I ever send, make it this: 60 inches. Anything you hang on a wall, big small, wide or tall should be 60 inches from the floor to the center of the piece, or grouping. The only exception is when you are hanging something over a piece of furniture. Start with 60 inches and adjust from there. When in doubt, go lower - most people tend to hang things too high.

Find some common ground
For groups of artwork, unity is key. Funky mismatched thrift store frames? Paint them all one bright fun color. Gallery grouping of different size photos? Print all the photos in black and white. 

Make it personal
When all is said and done, even the most beautiful display on the wall doesn’t make a home a home the way that something personal does. Travel photos, kids artwork, family heirlooms, anything that creates a personal connection and makes you feel good when you walk by. Even if you buy something off the shelf, make it something you love vs. something you just think looks good.

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