penny wise pendants

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Let's face it, you probably have a light fixture (or two, or three...) that you keep meaning to swap out. Maybe you don't love it, but the thought of budgeting for one, picking it out, and getting it installed is more than you can ever find the time (or energy) to do. 

So, how about just starting simple with a new pendant? Pendants are less bulky (and therefore less expensive) than other fixtures, making them a great way to get rolling on those fixture updates. With so many styles to choose from you are sure to find one that fits your style. Here are our tips for choosing a (budget friendly) pendant light:

Take a risk
Especially with a fixture at a lower price point, do something unexpected! Expensive furniture and finishes are best kept classic (in our humble opinion), but a weekend project and trendy light fixture can bring a real wow to your home.

When in doubt, go a bit bigger. 'Nuff said.

Get the height right (again)
The bottom of the fixture should be 30-34 inches from the table top. Most dining tables are 30 inches high, so that will take you to 60-64 inches from the floor. Remember 60 inches is the magic number!

Know when to call in a professional
If you have a really high entry, are going from one to multiple pendants, or if you just know DIY is not your thing, don’t be afraid to call in a handyman or electrician. Safety is always the most important and we are happy to recommend one of our amazing vendors to help.

Visit this issue’s Pinterest board for some of our favorite (and relatively inexpensive) pendants.